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Begginer Guide

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Getting Started

Logging in and Creating Your Character

Logging In
After GunZ loads, you will see a login screen. The server you select does not determine where your character will be saved as your character is saved globally on the GunZ servers. Select the desired server and enter your username and password and press Login.

Character Selection
After you've successfully logged into the game, you will see the Character Selection screen. From this screen, you can Select, Create and Delete characters on your account. Since you do not have a character yet, select Create at the bottom-left.

IPB Image

Character Creation
At the Character Creation screen, you can select the name, sex, appearance and starting gear for your character. The weapons drop-down menu just determines your starting weapons and does not have any other impact on your character. You will be able to buy different weapons after Character Creation if you are uncomfortable with your starting set. Here is a list of all starting sets: Axium Gun Knight: Rusty Dagger, Renard, Raptor 50, Canox FG1
Travia Gun Fighter: Rusty Sword, Renardx2, Canox FG1 Axium Assassin: Rusty Dagger, Minic 567, Renard, Canox SG1 Travia Scout: Rusty Sword, Raptor 50, Minic 567x2, Canox SG1 Axium Gun Priest: Rusty Sword, Raptor 50x2, Canox SG1, Medical Kit MK-1 Travia Doctor: Rusty Dagger, Minic 567x2, Repair Kit MK-1, Medical Kit MK-1 My personal suggestion for easiest class to pick up the game and level with would be the Travia Gun Fighter. Its Dual Submachine Guns and Frag Grenades will make leveling alot easier. After you've made your character to your desire, click Okay to enter the Game Lobby.

IPB Image

The User Interface

Game Lobby
You should now be looking at the Game Lobby. From here, you can: -Edit your Options -Switch Channels -Go to the Store -Change your Equip(ment) -Join a Game -Create a Game -View Replays -Change Characters -Logout Most of these are self-explanatory, so I'll move to the Channel dialog.

IPB Image

Chances are, if you've just made your first character, you've been dropped into one of the Entry-level Channels. From here, you can find games with people from levels 1-5. You see different games available to join depending on which channel you're in. (eg. You will see different games if you are in Entry-level Channel 1, than if you are in Entry-level Channel 2). The Free Channels are open to any leveled characters. Keep in mind, that most games in the Free Channels will not have level restrictions so you might find yourself paired up against high levels. I suggest hopping between the Entry-Level channels looking for a nice game.

This is where you can view what your character has equipped and in storage. Your character can only wear one piece of armor per area at a time. This includes: Head, Armor, Gloves, Pants and Shoes. At the time of the writing of this guide, there is no headgear available, but there are plans to implement them. You have one slot dedicated to a melee weapon and two other slots open for whatever weapons you please. You cannot equip two of the same weapon, but you can equip two of the same type of weapon. You also have two slots for rings and two slots for equipment. In the two slots for equipment, you can hold grenades (fragmentation, flash or smoke) and/or healing items. Keep in mind that your equipment's total weight cannot pass 100. (In the screenshot, I have a ring that gives me +2 to Maximum Weight Equipped). In order to sell an item, you must first unequip it and then go to the Store to sell it.

IPB Image

In the store, you can purchase weapons, armor and equipment to enhance your character. Bounty refers to how much currency you have at hand. The Quantity of an item is the cost (in Bounty) to purchase the item. When selling an item, the Value is how much Bounty you will receive when you sell the item. Note: You are unable to equip items for which you do not meet the level requirements and if putting on the item will push your total weight past your maximum.

IPB Image

About the Different Types of Games and Joining Them

Game Details
At this time, there exists 6 Game Modes:

-Deathmatch (Solo) (Skull) This is your average deathmatch. The game ends when someone's kills reaches the Round Limit or the Time Limit runs out. In the Score screen, characters are ranked according to the Experience gained in the game.

-Deathmatch (Team) (Two Skulls) This is like Deathmatch (Solo) except with two teams (Red and Blue). You remain dead until one team is destroyed.

-Gladiator (Solo) (One Sword) This is like Deathmatch (Solo) except only melee weapons can be used.

-Gladiator (Team) (Two Swords) This is like Deathmatch (Team) except only melee weapons can be used.

-Assasinate (Crosshair) This is like Deathmatch (Team) except each team will have one member who will glow the team's color. When this person dies, the other team wins the round.

-Training (Muscle) In this Game Mode, you do not gain experience from killing or dying. It's a place to train.

Berserker (Skull with flames) How it works, is at the beginning of the game, there will be a player designed as the "Berserk". His health will drain slowly and his damage is increased. He will gain health as he kills other people, but as soon as he is killed, his killer becomes the "Berserk".

Game Room
Once you Enter the Game Room, you will either see a large button saying "Intrusion" or a button saying "Ready". If you see "Intrusion", a game is currently underway and you can join while it's in progress and start playing. If you see "Ready", the game host is waiting for everyone to Ready so he can start the game. Also, in the Game Room, you can select what color team you are if the Game Mode allows it.

IPB Image


Basic Controls
W - Go Forward
S - Go Backwards
A - Strafe Left
D - Strafe Right

1 - Melee Weapon
2 - First Equipped Weapon
3 - Second Equipped Weapon
4 - First Equipped Item
5 - Second Equipped Item

Q / Wheel Up - Previous Weapon
E / Wheel Down - Next Weapon

Left Click - Slash/Attack
Right Click - Perform a Knockdown Attack with your melee weapon
R - Reload
Shift - Defense
Space - Jump

Esc - Menu
Tab - See Record
F11 - Record/Playback
F12 - Take Screenshot

Advanced Controls
Double Tap W + Melee Weapon - Dash Forward
Double Tap S + Melee Weapon - Dash Backward
Double Tap A + Melee Weapon - Dash Left
Double Tap D + Melee Weapon - Dash Right

Double Tap W + Non-Melee Weapon - Somersault Forward
Double Tap S + Non-Melee Weapon - Somersault Backward
Double Tap A + Non-Melee Weapon - Somersault Left
Double Tap D + Non-Melee Weapon - Somersault Right

Spacebar + Running Perpendicular at a wall - Run up the wall
Spacebar + Hitting a wall while in the air - Jump off the wall
Spacebar + Running Diagonal at a wall - Perform a wall run
Spacebar + While being knocked down - Recovery

Holding Left Mouse Button + Melee Weapon - Power up a Charged Attack
Right Click + Melee Weapon + Against a wall in the air - Dig your weapon into the wall and hangthere


Source: GunZ Online Slashes Commands

Basic Commands
/help - Show the list of chatting commands.
/whisper [character name] [what to say] (or /w) - Whisper to the party designated with ID.
/r [what to say] - Reply a message to a person who sent a message.
/report (or /112) - Report the details of the chatting
/qj (or /go) - Start a game right away in any room
/kick [character name] - Suggest ban the relevant character to all players in a game. (Supported in games only)
/taunt - Make a fool of others in a game. (Supported in games only)
/salute - Character bows to salute. (Supported in games only)
/wave - Character waves hands. (Supported in games only)
/laugh - Character laughs. (Supported in games only)
/cr - Character cries. (Supported in games only)
/dance - Character dances. (Supported in games only)
/suicide - The character currently in the play gets immediately defeated. Some XP loss occurs in this case. (Supported in games only)

*Note - At this time, you cannot send or receive whispers with apostrophes (') in them.

Clan Commands
/clan open [Clan Name] [Member #1] [Member #2] [Member #3] [Member #4] - Start a new clan with promoter.
/clan close [Clan Name] - Close the clan currently open. Only the Clan Master can use this command.
/clan invite [character name] - Accept the designated character as a new member. Only the Clan Master or the clan operator can use this command.
/clan leave - Voluntarily withdraw from the clan. However, the clan master him(her)self cannot withdraw.
/clan dismiss [character name] - Force the designated character to secede from the clan. Only the Clan Master or the clan operator can use this command.
/clan promote [character name] [authority] - Change the authority of the selected character within the clan. Indicate "admin" or "member" in . (Ex: /clan promote David admin)
WARNING: "admin" is different with Clan Master.
/clan msg [message] - Enter a dialogue in the clan chatting channel. You can clan chat easily by attaching # in front of a dialogue when not using this command.

Friends Commands
/friend add [character name] - Add the relevant character as a friend.
/friend remove [character name] - Delete the character selected from the list of friends.
/friend list - Show the list of friends. This is very useful as it can be used within a game.
/friend msg - Send messages to your registered friends.

Color Commands
^1[text] - Color that test Red
^2[text] - Color that text Green
^3[text] - Color that text Blue
^4[text] - Color that text Yellow
^5[text] - Color that text Dark Red
^6[text] - Color that text Dark Green
^7[text] - Color that text Dark Blue
^8[text] - Color that text Dark Yellow
^9[text] - Color that text White
^0[text] - Color that text Gray


I hope this guide has helped introduce you to GunZ Online. Good luck and have fun fragging

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Re: Begginer Guide

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Very Happy Helped a lot....
Just Stick it.

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Re: Begginer Guide

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Awesome guide admin bro

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Re: Begginer Guide

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