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All About Gunz!!

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Refers to the dual-wielding of weapons. Example: Akimbo MG's

Alternate Player

When someone creates another account, either another female or male character. That new character is the Alternate Player.

Area of Effect. Attacks of this type cause damage over a large area. Each AOE depends on the specific attack.

AP (Armor points)

While some attacks decrease both health and armor points, AP will
usually take the damage before it starts taking away health points.
Armor points depends on the type of armor you are wearing. Your AP is
also affected by AP rings. Refer to AP rings.

AP rings

Type of ring. Goes in its own ring slot. Adds more AP to your Character.


Air Stun

BF or Bfly




Bounty is the currency used in GunZ. It's used to buy armor and weapon
upgrades for your character. It is still unknown at what rate you gain
Bounty in battle (you can figure this out though by experimenting on
this while playing GunZ). You get this by killing other players in the
game. Use it to buy weapons, items, and armor in the store.

This is a 1 vs 1 duel in Gladiator (sword fighting).

Butterfly Step

A series of actions involving jumping and dashing, which enables you to
dash at your opponent while slash-blocking (slashing and blocking
almost at the same time).

Charged Attack
Holding down the
attack button while wielding a melee weapon will charge the weapon.
Attacking again will release the charge, which deals AOE damage.



A high level player who makes a Secondary or "Alternate" low level
account. These players make it hard for the real newbs to level up as
they are always killing them. Also they piss off higher level players
as they lose XP for getting killed by them.


Continuous Wall Run


Melee weapon used in one hand. Compared to the other 2 melee weapons,
it has the lowest delay and damage. It is also 1/3 or 1/4 the size of a

Dagger nuub

One who uses a dagger that
normally knocks people onto the ground and then sprays them with
automatic weapons to kill them. People often try to boot them out the
game after falling victim to it, even though safe-falling can prevent

Dagger-Style (D-Styler)

One who uses a
dagger with techniques such as shimmer step, and techniques such as
"Insta-fall". One who is a pro at it and uses it effectively, might be
called a nuub but they could care less.

When you double-tap W, A, S or D while wielding a melee weapon, you execute a Dash.

Short for Deathmatch.


Double glitch massive strike

Damage per Second. It's the damage done per second over an extended period of time of constantly shooting the weapon.


Euro-Style (E-Styler)

These are people that use automatic weapons, or pistols with very
little K-style techniques, meaning they don't use slash-shot,
half-step, or butterfly most of the time, if they even know them at
all. It gets the name E-style from "Euro" or European- Style ways of
play. Playing it as a first person shooter such as Medal of Honor
instead of as a third-person Matrix-type game. Everyone starts off as a
sprayer, and those who are good at it, retain it and don't bother
learning K-style, people are often pissed at them because of it.

Free-for-all. Referring to non-Team Deathmatches and Gladiator Matches where it's everyone for themselves.


Flash Bang grenades are a weapon. They are used in the Extra Slots.
They are identical to "nades" except instead of doing damage they make
anyone looking at it blind, and they hear a ringing in there ear for a
time which depends on how far away from it you were.


Flash Step/Flash Shot


Flash step transition


One who, instead of taking a long time in a sword fight in pit filled
areas (Such as Island or Dungeon), instead using the alternate attack
on the sword and flips the opponent off the ledge and kills them
instantly. (You can't recover from this.) Therefore, they are called
noobs and cheap players.

FMT rings

FMT rings are quite well-known. It adds 5 HP and 5 AP and are usually worn with another FMT ring.


Hacker (Scripter)

One who makes the game act a certain way to get easy kills by using a
Third-Party runnable-type program or edits the files (.mrs) to give
them an advantage within GunZ. Because of the new patch and all by
xTrap, this is becoming more difficult to do, and hackers are dying out
by the bucket loads. All hacker get banned from the game so don't
attempt to do this.


Half Step/Half Half Sep/Quarter Step

HP (Health Points)

When you run out of Health Points, your character dies and you respawn
after 5 seconds. Health points depends on your type of armor
(currently, only two armors give HP). It is also affected by HP rings.
Refer to HP rings.

HP rings

Type of ring. Goes in its own ring slot. Adds more HP to your Character.


Half Step/Continuous SS

H-style (Hybrid style)

One who uses a hybrid technique, which means usually one K-style
weapon, one E-style weapon, and a sword. The most common combo is a
shotgun and a Rifle. This is so they can stick with K-Stylers, but have
the GunZ ready to fight any E-Stylers. Makes them good in death
matches, sniping and others. Generally the most unpredictable GunZ



kill. The process of flipping your opponent and shooting them down in
midair until they die. You can also attack them in mid air with a
sword-combo and then shoot them down.


process of forcing your opponent to the ground without safe-falling.
The movements in order are: flip, block right after flip, jump, dash,

Kill-Swapping (Swap, Swap-Kill, Kill-Swap)
Where two players enter a game and take turns killing each other to gain experience.


Optional Items that are placed in the extras slots. They either heal AP
or HP, depending on the type of Kit. Respectively, both kits are
available at level 0, 20, and 40.The amount of kits also increases.


Melee weapon used as a dual wield with one sword in each hand. They are a lower damage than swords but have a lower delay.

Korean-Style (K-Styler)

One who uses the famed "Korean style" Given the name from a player
called Kraise who brought it over from Korean GunZ, and was called "The
best", but everyone knows how to do it now. Typically fights fast,
always in the air, and the seemingly "Elite" players of GunZ. Users new
to the game sometimes think they are hackers because of it.

Kill-Stealer (KS, KS'er, KS'ing)

This is someone who takes another person's "Kill" after he/her has been
working on defeating this opponent for quite a while, taking the final
blow and reaping the rewards of all the Experience. Often, because the
other is so weak, they kill them both, I also personally call these
people "Vultures".



Usually your first account. The character you play on the most or is the highest level you have.


Machine Gun, a ranged weapon. Refers to the rapid-firing, large clip
(100 bullets) Nico MG-XX weapons. This is a giant 2 handed gun. High
rate of fire, and the biggest clip in game. This is also a Sprayer gun
but is used in "Naked games" a lot. Most inaccurate weapon in the game.


Million Step/Sprayers Half Step


Multiple Wall Run


Grenades are a ranged weapon. They are used in the Extra slots though.
These have a damage of 100 but the highest delay in game. They also
have spread damage as they blow up on a timer instead of impact.


Someone that is new to the game and doesn't know anything about it,
this is the lesser form of "Noobie" and should not be taken to offense
because that person, is indeed, new.


Refers to someone who is a high level that should be playing like a pro
"K-style" to others opinion and kills by disgraceful means. This is the
most used term in GunZ besides the term "Sprayer".



Ranged weapons that are close to revolvers. The only difference is they
are more accurate, lower delay, and less power. These are an E-Styler's

Premium Items

Premium Items are Items
that have stats better than normal clothes, but you must pay for them.
Currently they are only released in kGunz, and jGunz.


Pro Wall Scale

The cost in Bounty to buy an item. See Bounty.


Revolver is a ranged weapon. This is also a common weapon for
K-Stylers. Because they have a Medium delay, but a powerful punch of
around 40-50. Also probably one of the fastest swap shots (refer to a
K-style guide) in game! They have Single or Dual wield.


Reverse Glitch Massive


These are automatic ranged weapons. They are very accurate, but low damage. These are generally E-Style weapons.


Rocket Launcher is a ranged weapon. These are one of the Heaviest
weapons in game. These have the smallest clip in the game but pack a
punch at around 50 damage a pop. However, they also have spread damage.
If one hits the ground, but doesn't hit a person it can damage anyone
near the blast.



Sky Block


Sky Breaker Massive


Shotgun is a ranged weapon. It's held in both hands. Probably the most
used weapon in the game too. This is a K-Styler favorite. They have a
High delay but a very powerful punch. Their bullets only do around 6-8
damage, but it shoots somewhere around 12 of them. This is more of a
close-ranged weapon.

Slash Jumping
Also Wall Jumping.
It's the action of using the sequence: Jump, Dash, Slash to get your
character to climb walls and buildings.

Small Machine
Gun is a ranged weapon. These are all the guns in the game manufactured
by Ellan, Renard, and some from Walcom. They usually have between 30-40
bullets and shoot at a rapid rate.


Smoke grenades are ranged weapons. They are used in the Extra Slot.
They are exactly like grenades except they make a giant ball of smoke
appear which can be used for sneak attacks, or a speedy getaway.


When a user has two of the same weapons and swap shot with them
repeatedly (switching to the same weapon in a different slot weapon
after every shot to cancel out the delay ) and aims anywhere in hopes
of a hit, or in someone's general area to cancel lag. The most often
types are Rockets, Shotguns and Revolvers.

Spike Damage

Damage that is intended to hit directly at the enemy's health points.
This is a move that involves flipping your opponent into the air and
then damaging them while in midair. Spike damage is often found on
weapons that require high amounts of accuracy and carry a high delay
between firing times.


Spike shot

Splash Damage

The partial damage that accompanies an AOE attack. Weapons that deal
splash damage include grenades and rocket launchers. See: AOE

The term used for players who do nothing but shoot bullets from their guns everywhere at a rapid pace.

Spread Damage

The spraying of bullets that causes your opponent to receive partial
damage. Weapons that deal spread damage include rifles and SMGs.


In a game it usually takes a few rounds for auto balance to kick in. A
stacker is someone who will go in a room knowing purposely they are mix
matching teams (such as red has 4, and blue has 3, they will go to red,
making it 5 red and 3 blue). They are often hated, and often times
kicked out immediately.


Sub-Machine Guns
are ranged weapons. These are generally used by sprayers. They have a
big clip, and high rate of fire. They are very inaccurate, and are the
most often you beginner/newb weapon. You may have a single, or dual one.


Slash & Shot/Full Step

Swapping (Swap, Swap-Kill, Kill-Swap)

When 2 or more players give each other free kills to level up faster/more efficiently.

Swap Lines

Where 2 or more players play a Berserker in Town. The berserker stays
still in front of the clock (Town Map) while everyone else forms a line
behind the berserker and take turns killing the berserker. Once the
berserker get killed, the next player in line becomes the berserker,
and so on and so forth. This isn't always at town, but that's the main


Swap Shot


Melee weapon used in one hand. Among the 3 melee weapons, it has a higher damage but also a higher delay.



A person who never seems to fight alone, whenever someone is going 1 on
1 in a team battle, they jump in, help a player kill his/her opponent,
and then leave to double team someone else. Although it annoys some
people, this is a great way to do Team Battles.

TKers (Team Killer, Talk Killer)

Someone who kills someone who is talking. When they have a little
speech bubble above their heads they are talking. A TKer is also a
player who double teams other opponents (Team Killer).

Short for Team Deathmatch.


One who stands in one spot and blocks while someone is trying to sword
fight them (Usually K-Stylers doing the butterfly technique). They get
called noobs for this even though it actually works since most
K-Stylers don't know how to defend against it (Read the Gameplay
Questions on how to) even though it is useful, and a truly gifted
person uses both techniques evenly.

The sell value in Bounty of an item. See Bounty.


Wall Climb/Wall Cancel

Wall Jumping
See Slash Jumping.


Wall Post/Wall Half Sep


Wall Run


Wall Scale

Weight Rings

Type of ring. Goes in its own ring slot. Adds to your character's total weight.

XP (Exp.)

Also known as Experience, it is what you need to advance to the next level. The higher your level is, the more you need.


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