How To Edit Clothes / Weapons

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How To Edit Clothes / Weapons

Post  LedgeJD on Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:24 pm

Photoshop -
Mrs Unpacker -
dds Plugin -

Now you can successfully open a .dds file in photoshop and edit it

another optional thing to speed up editing is to download a identifier thing that lets you see the .dds file in thumbnail form while still in a explorer window, this is good because u dont have to open 30+ files just to find that t-shirt you wanted, download= DDS Thumbnail

if you want more in depth tut follow this tutorial

backup all edited files

once you have downloaded all of the above and run the exe with the plugins- in this tutorial we will be opening man.mrs located in wherever drgunz is installed/model/man.mrs COPY it into the same directory as mrs.exe and cmd.exe, now run cmd.exe and type mrs.exe and the press your enter key some text will appear under the line you wrote this is instructional showing the 2 commands u can use with mrs.exe

now you have cmd open type mrs.exe d man.mrs this will decompile the mrs.exe right in front of your eyes :0

now you have a man folder and a man.mrs open the man folder(you can close down cmd.exe now if you want)right click the file and open it with photoshop

you should see this small menu make sure it looks the same as the screenshot shown
once you have finished editing you need to know how to save correctly right?
file>save as>pick your location and you should get another little gui use the same options as shown in the folowing screenshot

itz Done!!



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