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Signature tutorials

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I decided to remake a tutorial thread to promote GFX on Reloaded Gunz. With this thread I hope to get newbies to start making sigs or to reinspire people. Remember that the best way to learn from a tutorial is not to follow it exactly, but to learn new techniques and apply them in your own way. Nobody likes to see a sig 50 times over because a tutorial exists of it. Remember, a great artist isn't an artist that steals ideas, it's a person with a creative mind. I do not claim any right to the tutorials, just spreading them around.
Good luck

Getting Photoshop.

Since 90% of the tutorials that exist are based on Photoshop, it's advised that you download Photoshop. the GIMP is another program that's similar to photoshop. GIMP is a free program and you can use that if you don't want to download Photoshop illegal. If you use GIMP only for signatures, you should be able to do everything that Photoshop users can but it'll be on a diffrent place and sometimes it'll have another name.


Beginner tutorials

Advanced tutorials


Q: The tutorials are so tiny, I can't even see an image on it
A: Just click on it. If it's still too small after that, hold ctrl and scroll

Q: What do you mean with function x?
A: Ask me in the thread, specify which tutorial and I'll try to help as good as I can.

Q: Hey, I think this tutorial should be added!
A: Pm me the tutorial with the outcome and I'll consider it

Q: That's not advanced! That's begginner!
A: gtfo.


If you want to say thanks download the thanks file. There will be mostly gaming stocks (Read: screenshots ;D), but we plan to offer a wider variety. I hope too keep this updated ._. As you may have guessed from the part where I stated these are screenshots, these are 100% exclusive. You cannot have seen these before or they have been shared by one of us. You will need Winrar to open our files. To get winrar, download it from here and install it. You do not need to buy it. I want to state clearly that all these screenshots are made by us and you do not have the right to put them in your photobucket or stock pack, if you do see them anywhere else than in our posts, please report that person. Thanks.

do download this 1


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